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Why Buy Gold?

Gold Marketing vs. Bitcoin

Investing in gold and bitcoins are two popular forms of investment in the financial market. While both have their own unique benefits, it’s important to understand the advantages of investing in gold marketing and how it compares to investing in bitcoins.

Investing In Certified Gold Coins

There are numerous proven advantages to investing in certified gold coins that are part of the United States Rare Coin Market.

Fixed and limited supply

Certified gold coins have a limited and fixed supply, making them sought after commodities in the growing coin collecting market.

Numismatic gold coins cannot be seized

Certified gold coins considered to be collectibles or numismatic cannot by law be subject to confiscation during a gold recall.

Leverage in the hot gold market

In a bull market of precious metals, demand for these coins will be greatly enhanced. This means these types of coins can be sold for roughly double or triple the price of gold bullion.

Outperforms gold bullion

In the short these coins are much less speculative then gold bullion. With the daily fluctuations of gold and silver prices, these certified coins tend to hold their value regardless of the rapid fluctuations in gold pricing.

Notable Quotes

"Gold and precious metals in general as well as commodities, will have a place in portfolios and they can be a very good source of return for investors." ​

Richard Laterman

"There is no end to the Feds ability to print money. On the other hand you can't print GOLD​."

Neel Kashkari