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AMERICAN GOLD RESERVE is a top-rated precious metals firm that handles both US government and foreign issue coins with over 30 years combined experience in the precious metals industry.

Our account executives are more than qualified to lead clients into a highly profitable position in gold, silver and platinum. AGR’s top priority is to see that our valued clients receive industry leading ROI’s (return on investment) in their precious metals portfolios. Its what we do best.

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Why Buy Gold?

3 Reasons to Invest in Gold

Hedges are investments that offset losses in another asset class. Many investors buy gold to hedge against the decline of a currency, usually the U.S. dollar. As a currency falls, it creates higher prices in imports and inflation. As a result, gold is also a defense against inflation.

Why Buy Gold

Gold has maintained an intrinsic value for thousands of years, making it a unique vehicle for wealth insurance. As the only global currency that has stood the test of time, gold has outlasted every government and paper form of money—making it essentially default proof. As a long-held form of wealth preservation, protect what you’ve earned and saved throughout the years with physical gold.

Beginner's Guide

Imagine yourself sitting in a stream swirling water in a pan, desperately hoping to see a small yellow glint of gold and dreaming of striking it rich. America has come a long way since the early 1850s, but gold still holds a prominent place in our global economy today. Here’s a comprehensive introduction to gold, from why it’s valuable and how we obtain it to how to invest in it, the risks and benefits of each approach, and advice on where beginners should start.