The Three Truths About Gold Investment

Thinking of investing in gold? You’re in the right place. Gold is excellent as a direct investment, as safe haven and a hedge. Research shows that gold is your best bet in the midst of a stock market crash as well. Let’s talk about the reasons on why you should invest in gold: Direct Investment […]

Investing In Gold, Should You Do It?

Precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum have historically been used as the safest way to keep wealth safe, especially during financially difficult moments. Some even like to refer to them as recession-proof assets, especially because they have been proven to perform much better than other assets. We are currently in a situation of […]

Gold Investing For Beginners

There has been a lot of notable economic crisis that has occurred in the past decades which has impacted the price of gold. From the first recession in 1929 that has priced gold at $20.63 per ounce to the 2019 pandemic that has priced gold at $1,514.75 per ounce. Regardless of the economic crisis that […]